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Grooming Without Stress! Safer, Quicker, Happier: Setting the 21st Century Grooming Table Up for Success by Employing Low-Stress Handling Techniques

by Terrie Hayward, KPA CTP, Jay Andors, KPA CTP, and Anne Francis


Helping dogs feel safe and relaxed in the grooming salon is a win-win situation for all—the groomers, the dogs they are working with, and the dogs’ family members. Reducing stress and anxiety can go a long way towards helping groomers be able to work with dogs more efficiently, and cooperative animal care is invaluable in helping to achieve this. This efficient collaboration leads to:

  • Increased business
  • Higher return and retention rates
  • A safer working environment
  • Happier/healthier people and animal clientele

In this book, Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Certified Training Partners (CTPs) Terrie Hayward and Jay Andors, along with renowned groomer Anne Francis, offer ways to develop a relationship of respect, cooperation and trust by teaching the animal those behaviors that allow for a safer, healthier, more enjoyable grooming relationship!

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