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Running Buddy


A great way to keep all of your essentials handy on the go!

The revolutionary Running Buddy is a lightweight belt-free treat pouch with a water-resistant inner pocket. Made with dri-fit material, the Running Buddy keeps all of your training and running essentials sweat-free and dry. Strong magnets keep the Running Buddy in one place, no matter how intense your activity! The Running Buddy features two compartments that can hold treats, clicker, waste bag, keys, credit card, MP3 player, and most of the popular phones, including the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S IV. Pouch measures 6" W x 4" H. Available in Black or Pink.

Key benefits:

  • Two compartments—one for treats, the other for basic essentials
  • Connects magnetically to any waistband
  • Maintains a secure and bounce-free hold
  • Dri-Fit material helps you remain dry and comfortable
  • No belt or arm strap required