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Poochie Bells

Now your dog can "ring the bell" when it needs to go out!

Poochie-Bells are the perfect combination of form and function. Poochie-Bells are made from durable grosgrain ribbon with two sets of strategically placed custom silver bells carefully folded and snapped securely into place, so large and small breeds can easily reach either set of bells.

The bells are made using heavy duty metal with a highly polished finish (nothing like ordinary craft bells) so that they won't be chewed up and the ball won't fall out. Four bells on each Poochie-Bell is just right so that you hear them, but not so they are overbearing. Embellishing Poochie-Bells you will find a super shiny sterling silver plated logo dog bone tag, for a completely classy package.

Here's a video showing Poochie-Bells in action. Once you've purchased your Poochie-Bells, learn how to teach your dog to ring a bell when it needs to go out!